Sell jewelry:

If you’d prefer to Selling Diamond in Chicago Pawn Shops outright, we’ll make you an honorable offer. While you’re framing your expectations,
it’s important for you to understand that jewelry prices are like auto prices:

New-car prices include the profits and jewelry pawn shop of many providers – suppliers, transporters, retailers, advertisers,
and many others. The moment you drive off the dealer’s lot, however, the car’s value drops dramatically. All those
“extras” no longer count. Now it’s a “used car.”

You understand the implications. Let’s say you purchased that watch or ring or bracelet, sparkling and brand new, only a
few months ago. Let’s say you paid $3500 for it, and it’s never even been out of the box. We can’t offer you $3500 for your piece.
Now it’s “used” and destined for the resale market.

We pledge that we’ll be as generous as we an in what we are best pawn shops in Chicago for your fine jewelry. We hope you’ll be happily surprised.

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