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… even for the best of us, sometimes cash is king

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Welcome to Chicago’s most specialized source of cash loans collateralized by fine jewelry, gold, platinum, diamonds, and luxury timepieces.

Even if you’ve never visited a loan source, please know that Chicago Pawn Broker transacts business in an atmosphere of good will, fair play, mutual respect, and dignity.

Our most satisfied loan customers are people who are knowledgeable about jewelry values – buying or selling/collateralizing. They trust and honor our ethical, professional standards.

Our trade is on higher end of our markets. Our smallest loan is $25. We are also jewelry buyers and offer to buy your fine jewelry outright. Those decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. We can talk about that when we meet.

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Do you have Gold with you? Keep your gold as collateral to us or sell it and get a loan from us.


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Diamonds are a women’s best friend. But this friend can be really useful if you need any instant cash. In Case of your emergency situation, Diamonds are incredibly valuable items that can get you out of your bad time. Chicago Pawn Broker is the place to be, where you will get the right value for your precious diamonds. Upon a fair assessment, we keep them as collaterals and offer you the best value in return. You can also rely on us for selling Diamond in Chicago Pawn Shops. We also accept Diamond rings, scrap gold, platinum and gold rings to name a few.

Are you in need of emergency cash i.e looking for a instant loan. Then Jewelry can be the best item that hold value and you can get loan by keeping them as a collateral to a pawn shop. The best jewellery pawnbrokers in Chicago are there to get you the best price for the items that they worth. We understand the resale value of fine jewelry – vintage or contemporary. You can also sell them to us and get fast cash loans. Other than these we also accept loose diamonds, scrap gold, platinum, gold and diamond rings too.

If you have timeless or magnificent watches with you, then why worry about your financial strains? Bring them to us, use as collaterals or sell your watches to us. We transact our business in an atmosphere of fair play and goodwill. You can totally rely on Chicago Pawn Brokers for your monetary needs as we will offer the best value in return of your belongings. We are the best pawn shops in Chicago. Other than watches we also deal in different forms of jewelry like scrap gold, platinum, diamond and gold rings to name a few. We are one of the best amongst the many jewellery pawnbrokers in Chicago.